Download SoftLINK

SoftLINK is software that is very affordable and compatible for the trainers in corporate trainers and media specialists as well as technology coordinators of our system. Through this software the administrator can teach a lesson to many peoples at a single time by a using a computer. SoftLINK is configured by the Applied Computer System developers. It is been developed in the year 2012, and recently made into use. SoftLINK is divided in educational software group and sub-categorised in teaching tools section as it contains many teaching facilities. As it is recently configured, it is supported in all kind of operating systems like windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 and windows 8 as well. Like any other software or program, it doesn’t need additional software to run its application. It is self-supportive and it only needs 65mb of free space in hard disc to operate. The software SoftLINK assists the administrator to keep a look on every student or candidate present in the class room in a bird eye view. As it is very interesting, it grabs ever candidate’s attention in a flash. It helps the administrator to provide assignments and giving commands. The candidates having problem with the assignment could be assist through this software, as long as many students together simultaneously. One can freeze their machine while giving lectures and teaching a new lesson. The software also provides to block unwanted websites for the non-educational purpose with only drag and drop facility. It will monitor every computer history and record and save its every application used. And it can provide instant messenger facility at any point of teaching and giving lectures. The administrator could see every word sent and received by the messenger by this software and could control its ability. It is software that will assist one candidate’s knowledge with a great deal of improvement.