Download SlimPort

This is a device that has not yet got a worldwide attention. It is a very new discovery and is very unique in its own field. Analogix has developed it to offer an easy and tension free connection of devices related and associated to microUSB sockets to display at large screen. It assures a digital view with the help of its connection to larger screen. It has one single connector for charging, connecting and other activities making it easier, because people would never confuse between different connectors. On the top of it, it doesn’t use any energy from the connecting device. It is a zero power device. This means we do not have to worry about the energy consumption while using this device for larger view because it won’t use any extra power from the host or the connecting device. It is not very costly in view of its use. But it is recently been promoted by other popular devices and will be in demand. The fact that it works so much and that too without any extra power makes it all the more amazing to use. It is basically influenced by DisplayPort technology, but the manufacturers have developed it and modified it into SlimPort. It supports any type of device and not only the HDMI adapters. If you are a consumer of this device, then you are assured of high definition picture quality and 3D audio visual experience by connecting your portable device with a larger screen. Now anyone can just connect their portable device to a larger screen, for example a television or a projector and enjoy the movie viewing experience, the luxurious impact at home. It has also the charging connector, which helps to charge your device while using it, making it easier and comfortable.