ScholarWord Professional Edition

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ScholarWord professional Edition is paper formatting app, which upgrades your word processor by flawlessly incorporating vital information and powerful tools into it. The app also makes sure that it is in agreement with the 5th edition of the APA Manual, Kate Turabian’s Style Manual (sixth edition), the Chicago’s Style Manual (fifteenth edition) and the Handbook of the MLA. The app also integrates into it the standards of NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) along with many guides written by doctorates to help the user in a step by step manner in any type of assignment. The ScholarWord Professional Edition is the ultimate app for you to write any paper on any of the three style manuals. With the help of this app you can write graceful papers that will be completely compliant with the any of the style manuals.

ScholarWord Professional Edition will format and edit your paper in compliance with the requirements, which have been laid down by the American Psychological Association (APA), Kate Turbian’s Manual of Style, Modern Language Association and the Chicago Manual of Style. You can also use ScholarWord Professional Edition to protect your citations in order to easily and efficiently insert them or modify and edit them in future references. The app provides the user with more than thirty guide papers, which are written by PHD students to guide the user in a simple manner so as to write their paper easily.

The guide paper gives the user an idea about the format, style, purpose, structure and objective of the paper. The app also enables the cover pages to save your name, course, school or college and other such details so that they can be used again later instead of typing them again. Literature writing, Personal writing, report writing, speech writing, analytic writing, etc. are some of the features of the app.