Safe Exam Browser

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Safe Exam Browser is a major web browser environment, which is used to carry out safe online exams. This software helps in changing any personal computer into a workstation with extreme security. No student is allowed to access any of the utilities without proper authorized source. The application comes in full screen mode without any elements for navigation. This application stops students from internet surfing during the exams. It has integration system for learning management programs such as Moodle and ILIAS. There is also a possibility for giving permission to external and additional applications. This application had been developed so that it can be supported in Windows 7 which includes SP1, Windows XP, MAC OSX 10.7 and 10.6.

The public preview version present in SEB MAC OSX 2.0 gives support to files, which are encrypted. These SEB files allows individual configuration for SEB per exam basis. An additional and new feature is included in which the SEB could be quit after finishing the exam. There is a quit link and this link could be pasted on the page where the summary had been written and after submission it is displayed by the LMS.  There are new features added on both platform and it helps in detecting if the SEB is currently running on a virtual machine.

The new SEB Mac OSX 1.5 has an additional browser window present and the environment of the SEB is integrated by elevating the windows level, suppression improvement of certain application, which has opening alert windows. It can switch to foreground and has request to become active. There are also a number of new security features, which includes clipboard clearing, screenshot prevention, all backward and forward browsing is blocked, all possible security hole in flash content is prevented, fine grade settings to all blocking and opening links present in new browser window. SEB 1.9.1 and 1.9.0 provides a more stable and reliable windows installer.