Download RocketReader

RocketReader is a software utility that has been designed and developed by an entity of the same name. As suggested by its name, this utility is intended to help users enhance their reading speed and fluency. Integrated with several exercises that have been dynamically designed, this tool promises to enhance your reading speed as well as your comprehension ability in a short span of time.

Considered a tool that needs to be made use of on a daily basis, the tool claims to be an ideal utility for users of all ages. Whether you are seven or seventy, the tool promises to help improve your reading skills quickly and easily. Designed with a simple interface that is also user friendly, the tool comprises over 500 reading sessions. These practice sessions are graded and will help you understand your improvement as well as help you evaluate how much further you need to progress to achieve your target of attaining fast reading and comprehension skills.

There are also comprehension tests, based on your age and level of reading expertise. There are separate reading sessions designed for adults, teenagers, and little kids. This makes the reading sessions more interesting and more fruitful for the intended users. You can check out this software utility for a free trial that is available for a limited period of 10 days. A Windows based tool, you can implement it in Windows 2000, 7, NT, XP, and Vista versions.