Right Time Reader

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Right Time Reader is a shareware program that is associated with the publisher’s website and is intended to help users introduce their little ones to the world of words, through reading, in an interesting and exciting manner. Developed by an entity known by the same name; this tool proposes to teach your child to read and learn words by using the same mechanism of listen and learn, which is how they learn to speak.

A free to use, free to download application; this tool offers a children’s book on your computer screen and as you read out each word in the story, you can highlight the same to familiarize your ward with the word. When utilized in the right manner, the tool proposes to help your child start reading by the age of two or three years. It follows the same mechanism of learning basic speech and believes that kids can be introduced to the reading words at a young age.

The publishers believe that kids can pick up reading without much difficulty; using the same mechanism they use to learn to speak. The tool also offers the option to customize the book offered, as per your requirements. Another interesting feature is the ability to create your own books using this tool. This can be a beneficial option for schools that cater to pre-school kids and can be used to help kids pick up reading skills. You can also use it to teach your own child. The tool is supported in all Windows platforms.