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In our daily working life’s activities, we usually come across reading of any specific text or documents, which becomes either boring or unpleasant for the user most of the time. For this very reason, the Cucoco Limited has developed specialized software named as Read Pal, which makes the on screen reading process faster, easier, comfortable and enjoyable by 42 per cent.

This software makes all types of documents like text, MS Word, MS Outlook, emails, etc. presentable in a most easier and comfortable form to be read by the user. With a click on the Read Pal button, the user can read its desired document in its desirable font size and colors. The software also provides an option to the user to read the document in a column form as in the newspaper or in group of words at a time.

The user may also choose the Clutter-Free mode that helps the user to have fewer glares or eye strain and thus expanding the user concentration more on to its job with the screen. The Read Pal is licensed free software, which requires a minimum space of 1.8 MB and it is compatible with all the version of the Windows. It also has a small requirement of .NET framework.