Rapid Reader

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Rapid Reader is one of the automatic rapid reading software. It is designed to increase the on-screen speed of reading of the users. It is a latest kind of computer helping option that is developed for increasing the reading ability of the users on the screen. Anything written on the computer screen can be read easily and fastly with the rapid reader software. It increases the reading speed by using various techniques such as it display the texts before users at various variable speeds, mimicking various speech patterns, making a movie of the texts that appears on the computer screen and following lots of other techniques. With the help of rapid reader software, one can easily read documents of MS-Word, PDF files, Outlook e-mails, text files and various web pages. Continuing the speed reading practice, a user can easily triple his or her reading speed on computer within one minute and thirty seconds. Since this software increase the reading speed of the users, but it does not allow them to modify or change the pattern and color of existing texts or background of the screen. Once this software is installed on the computer, users can immediately log in to the speed reading programs. The system requirements for installing rapid reader are Adobe Flash Player, Adobe acrobat, operating systems like windows vista, windows XP, windows 7 and windows 8. The hardware requirements for this software are 1GB RAM, 24bit color with 1024x768 or 1366x768 resolutions. Once installed on a computer, it can be used by different users for increasing the speed of reading texts on the screen.