Rainbow Study Bible

Download Rainbow Study Bible

Whenever you want to learn or read the holy bible, you get confused from where to start and how to manage. Here is a new application, which will guide you and ease your effort to learn about the bible. The word rainbow means seven colors and here the bible for your ease is colored and you can learn any part of the bible according to your need. The colors here illustrate the themes of the topics in the bible. Mainly these themes are categorized into 12 different categorizes. The themes are god, family, love, discipline, friendship, salvation, Satan, prophecy and so on. Every theme has special color. So on any page when you see the corresponding color, you automatically get to know what that portion is being referred with. So this way it will make the bible not only interesting but also appealing to the readers. Young people who are not so much into reading will easily go through the content according to the theme they want to gain knowledge. This software also underlines those words, phrases or sentences, which are told by the Divine Lord himself both in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. You don’t have to ask any person about the phrases you don’t understand, because this application also provides necessary context and resources of its origin. So you need not bother about asking anyone’s help or refer the internet every time for the part you don’t understand. The application also provides search option under which you can simply type any phrase, word, theme, keyword in Boolean format if wanted and within a very short duration your search result will be displayed. This software will help you to deal with the whole bible along with every requirement need at a go.