Download Programming in C in 7 days

Programming in C in 7 days, as is evident from its name, is an eLearning application that is intended to help users master the C programming language. The program is devised into 7 lessons to enable ease of learning the various nuances of this programming tool. At the end of this program, the publishers claim that you would know all that is required to know to be labeled an entry level C programmer.

To ensure that all the concepts are properly understood by learners, the application comprises several examples that have been worked out as well as several exercises in each lesson. These exercises will help you evaluate your competency in the various concepts and their implementation. This eLearning tool is available as a free to download utility. You can also use the discussion board to clarify doubts and ask queries to enhance your learning experience. The discussion board can also be used as a platform to obtain free support for your course material, in addition to clarifying any questions related to the course content as well as the working of the exercises.

The course content comes in the form of a PDF based eBook. The illustrations are implemented using open source C programming environment. This eLearning course is the product of Learnem Educational Group. You can implement this learning tool in Windows platforms such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and XP versions. If you are looking for a short-term course or a crash course program to learn C programming or brush up your knowledge of C; then this eLearning program promises to be the right choice.

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