Power Trainer Professional

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Now creating your own digital learning content has become a lot easier than before with the help of the Power Trainer Professional. It easily imparts knowledge very fast and efficiently. It is a totally user friendly professional authority software that brings flexibility to education by combining different types of training formats, different web based trainings and tests. The intuitive user interface gives direct permission, and the fast access and entrance to the e – learning world.

It is the eLearning tool, which is at the highest demand. The Power Trainer Professional has the capacity to quickly and efficiently combine the newly created contents with all its existing exercises and interactions. The software automatically navigates the entire interface and the learning functions like navigation of note pad, etc.

Creating test glossaries with different links and images becomes much easier with the help of only few mouse clicks in this software. Even importing and exporting existing power point slides becomes possible by flash of a second. It helps in the integrated analysis of the learning data with secure data transfer. There also lies a broad variety of testing functionality. The development of the latest version includes integrated analysing of data learning and its efficiency.