Download Piano Teacher for PC Windows

Piano Teacher for PC Windows is one of the best applications to learn to play a piano in a virtual device. The application has inbuilt tutorial, 128 versions of the instruments to play, and a song book which contains over 50000 songs. The application is customizable with different skins, different key sizes to enable better key press by the learners and also other features to make the application interesting to look and comfortable to use.

There are different modes available in the application to suit what you want to do with the application. There are separate modes for practicing, performing and getting hands on the classic piano. You can import and export music files to and from the application in the MIDI format. This enables you to showcase your talent to your friends or show how far you have learnt. The application also teaches you to play some of the preloaded songs in a very efficient manner with guidance with different tempos to catch up.

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