Download OpenLP

OpenLP is the software in which you can play verses of bible and prayers. It is the software, which helps you to play the bible songs in church. You can cut or add different tones or lyrics in this software and can create one by fusing them together. This software is used to create lyrics of the bibles and prayers and get played in church in prayer time. Open LP software can be installed in computers. It supports all versions of operating systems like Windows and Macs etc. In this software you can merge two or more lyrics and can create a new one. This software is very easy to understand. Many menus are given which gives you the ultimate features to make your lyrics as what you want to. You can import and export any downloaded file and edit it with the tools available in this software. In OpenLP you can create lyrics in different languages. OpenLP software is very useful in singing the lyrics of the bible prayer in chorus. It helps people to be guided with it. This works with the soundcard installed in Computer. A new and successful initiative is done in this field in the form of OpenLP software. This software has got many appraisals from its users. Due to its simplicity and usability it is being widely used by its users.