Download OnCourse

Very useful and important software has been developed in order to track students, their enrolments and courses named as OnCourse software. This software is a comprehensive system from ish. on Course that helps in comprehensive enrolment and marketing system. With the help of this software any organization can provide minimal amount of training to its employee and make them manage the most important information from across the organization very easily like web site links, invoices, students enrolments and much more. The On Course comprises of full general ledger system that helps to market the user’s courses on the web, SMS, by email, etc.

This software also has the capability of fixing the Sales Report so as to make the print get fit in one single page, helps to make the CSV export fixed so as to count only the active enrolments, improves all the transaction details including the invoices and the payment record. As the software gets updated automatically, it keeps all the regular changes within the organization updated in the website accurately and immediately. On Course is basically licensed free software that has been written for colleges with the maximum number of enrolments per year.

Though the software has been designed considering the Australian environment, however it works smoothly in any country mainly for sales tax systems. As the software provides for core marketing qualities, the software is best suited for schools and colleges that provides short courses and to sell those courses to the general public. This software can operate only in Java 1.5 or 1.4.2. In order to run a big institutional organization without facing any big chaos regarding its study curriculum and effectiveness in work, then the On Course software is the best solution for it.