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Master Grade is an educational system based software, which comprehensively makes the working schedule of a teacher totally effortless. Master Grade is the effort of extensive software development and field testing to make the ways of conducting a class full of students, with the least amount of efforts. This software can also be considered as the most satisfactory and usable software for all the teachers who want a helping hand in conducting various particular events in the class like conducting exams and many more. Master grade is commonly used as grade application software, which will help you immensely in obscuring grades for your class of students in a revisionary manner. With the help of Master Grade now you can monitor the performance of a class of students or any individual students just by accessing the performance recorded into the software at any instance. This software makes the task of performing several report card publishing of a class full of students easy, which could take weeks to do manually. The Master grade is such wonderful software that makes you able to publish a report card for any individual student at any instance, with the procurement of getting a variety of report cards; which will be helpful in monitoring the progress in a profound manner. As the teachers are not allowed an extensive amount of leisure time, thus the grade application software has to be very much intuitive and easy to use as learning a software user interface in spare times is not a very convenient option. This is where; the Master Grade is very successful software as it contains the most easy to use interface making that is easy for the teachers to take an advantage of their spare times and it also comes with a 30 day trial policy without any obligation from the software publisher.