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With rapid advancement in the field of technology, the process of learning has become more fun, entertaining and colourful for kids than ever before. With the introduction of the kids Internet world explorer, children can avail a wide range of books, as huge as a library, a number of field trips all for free and also a variety of games. The features of KIWE are such that the learning is equivalent to that of a school, or private tutors giving classes to children! This suite has been designed exclusively for the learning purpose of kids. The software is user-friendly and is regularly maintained by well-educated and well-trained staff as per the schedule. The main focus of the explorer is on education, entertainment and discovery. The site is regularly maintained by publishers and periodically upgraded to the current affairs.

The kids Internet explorer is available in a variety of languages like English, Italian and Spanish. It is controllable and one can easily expand his specific areas of interest. The content of the site is fresh and updated. It has been tested rigorously by esteemed OEMs for example Dell and Premio Computers. KIWE is loved and appreciated not only by kids and their teachers, but also by parents, for its uniqueness. This Internet browsing is safe and does not require any additional filters. Its graphical interface is easy to use and easily understandable. It is extremely resourceful for teachers and parents, being culture oriented, having global content.

The greatest advantage of this site is that it enables kids to acquire extensive knowledge through a series of approved sites while protecting them from any objectionable material. It is not only connected to a number of schools and educational websites, but also contains dictionaries, encyclopaedias and collections from various world libraries. It contains global content in the fields of mathematics, literature, music and science. This is one of the first browsers to have encouraged home study and independent education. No wonder the kids are getting smarter with each day!!