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iTest, the software configured with a dual software system, iTest server and iTest client. The iTest server provides the question and answer facility and a database, and a server for evaluation. iTest Client assists the candidates to get connected with the server. The software iTest was configured in the year 2011 by the publisher Michal Tomlein. Divided in the educational software category it is been sectioned in the teaching tools sub section. Arranged with multiple program configurations it is very user friendly and easy to operate and run the program. It is been supported in various operating systems like windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 as well as latest windows 8. The software doesn’t require any other additional files to manipulate or to use as a backup file. It only require of 6mb memory in the hard disc to operate in a machine. The software iTest is basically used in various kinds of competitive exams. It consist a large database, which provides the administrator to put up questions and answers. It can be also connected to a printer and scanner for further application. It helps the administrator or client to connect with each and every candidate at a same time. It mainly consists of C++ language and divided under the conditions of GPL v2. As the software iTest is globally accepted, it is configured in various languages across the world. It also provides assistance in Apple MAC operating system along with LINUX and Microsoft windows operating system. The software is very handy software for the administrator or the client to deal with the candidates. It provides assistance to the entire client needed to be served. The administrator gets close in touch with the client through this software. This is very interesting software and it allows the user to provide best computerized evaluation possible.