Grade book Power

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The Grade book Power is a group of 40 teachers, students, administrative and various educational functions to move them to the institutions administrative software. The application supports the blocking of schedules, trimester and traditional academic school years, etc. The software also permits features like having several terms per semester, number or letter grades along with citizenship grades, non-considered assignments, deduction of lowest scores and non-mandatory ID numbers.

The Grade book Power software helps in carrying out individual progress results of students as well as their parents that includes various types of data, possible points earned, title of assignments, grading trend, general and personal points earned, optional grade override and parent’s signature. The software can contain evaluated versions to a limit of 10 grades per student and contains 60 students per term/quarter. The developer, WISCO Computing has published this software in a demo form that requires a maximum space of 2.2 MB and supports all the version of Windows.

Other than the above mentioned features, the Grade book Power has several other additional features like saving variable terms into their semester categories, allotting several points for the entire positive and negative assignments and grading for the same accordingly. The features of the Grade book Power is endless and one can get the best of it only by experiencing the application, as the demo mode only contains so many features then the full version will be very much valuable for the user in this field.