Go Timer

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Go Timer is the software for installing timer of digital format. This timer is made keeping in mind the needs of the people. Go Timer software can be installed in PC, mobiles, classrooms, library, websites etc. The layout and design of this software is modern and colorful. You can change the color watch in Go Timer software as per the color of the background of your desktop. Go Timer has count down and counter feature also. You can use countdown function while organizing any play games with children. Count down is used to measure the performance of any task in a limited time. Go Timer can be used significantly in practical labs, exam halls, writing assignments etc. This software is simple and of small in size, but it has high potentiality. This software is easy to install also. It supports all versions of windows. It can be installed on projectors also. The presence of timer in class will improve the value of time in children. It is having ring tones facility also. Many number of pleasant ring tones is inbuilt in Go Timer software. You can set many alarm timers, which will ring with its highest amplitude. You can download your favorite ringtones from internet and get embedded in this software. There is the facility to set different ringtones also for different tasks in Go Timer software.