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The only possible software developed till date that combines seven different Hollywood style game show templates with the popular All Play software basically for training flexibility is the Game Show Pro software. In the software, the user can answer its various game questions using its own game keypad basically made for accurate tracking and assessment. Even the players for having a better gaming experience can use slammers to ring-in as a team of the game. For various types of assessment, preview, review, instructions and much more, Game Show Pro is the most effective, exciting and easy to use software that uses the most advanced game show template for all such game related issues.

There are several reasons that why a user shouldn’t be using this software as it provides with a full of energizing and engaging learning experience. The application provides with a persuasive and lively classroom environment. The software has features like increasing the participation of the users that involves their emotions and propelling them to learn content more. The application comprises features like graphics and sound libraries, has the capability of tracking and recording player’s response with the help of LMV, multiple matches is provided for the games, helps in sharing libraries and games with other                       licensed users, has the option of saving the game progress and resume to a game in play, and much more.

The Game Show Pro software has been proven over 35000+ classrooms worldwide and has been expert tested and which has increased the content retention by the users over 60 per cent. The developer has also kept an option of demo software for a certain period of time for that user who chooses to have a glimpse of the several applications before installing the full software after paying the price for it.