Free Spoken English Handbook

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Free Spoken English Handbook is an e-book from the publishers of English banana, which provides various methods for easy and effective learning of the English language.  This e-book has around 300 plus pages of amazing ideas, tests, worksheets, interesting techniques and guidance for learning and practicing the spoken English language.

This e-book is an essential guide for not only students, but also to teachers and coaches of spoken English language.  This book also targets audience, both students and teachers of EFL and ESL curriculums.  The various topics like the connected speech, stressing of words, stressing of sentences, all details on prefixes and suffixes are provided in detail in this book.  The other detailed sections very necessary for the spoken English language like compound nouns, spelling and sounds are explained in a systematic manner in this book.  The authors of this e-book have taken effort in detailing the weak forms of the English language. The International Phonetic Alphabet, also called as IPA is well detailed in a separate chapter to ensure globalism.

There are many instructions provided in this e-book on how to use it effectively. There is an in depth instruction available on the usage of the ‘Talk a lot’ material. The e-book advises the teachers and readers to have group oriented training method for better effectiveness and results.  The publishers are putting their best effort to ensure continued version upgrades and standard support to the end users. This is certainly a good e-book to ensure that the language of English is used well and standard maintained globally.