Download FlexClass

FlexClass is basically an app or educational software, which is designed to improve the learning experience in a classroom by setting up a fully and completely functioning multimedia education center. By using FlexClass, one does not need to worry about other investments like time, money, hardware and labour.  FlexClass is the best software, which integrates and compiles all the available latest technology on administration of network resources, data compression, multimedia handling and authentication.

The app focuses on an easy development and maintenance and operation of networked learning center or classroom. All one needs to do is just setup the applications and transform the already installed LAN into a multimedia educational center. The app has many advantages when it comes to transforming your classroom into a fully operational multimedia learning center. The app does not require much hardware and hence the set up cost is tremendously reduced.  Also time is saved as the time consuming process of implementation and continuous upgrade of the system is removed. The maintenance is also eliminated. This app is the best in the market to help you develop the ultimate learning center. There are many features of the app. Real time Broadcasting feature will ensure a smooth and stable broadcast.

The broadcast is very efficient as it is concurrently broadcasted to all the connected computers in the LAN.  The Interactive feature and user friendliness of the app boosts the student’s morale to participate in classroom activities. Teachers can also take the help of the FlexMedia to deliver the lectures in multimedia format in the classroom. Live Learning, Screen Broadcasting, Follow Me Recorder, Voice Broadcasting, Online exam, Intercom; Whiteboard, etc. are some of the other features of the app. The user can also use the app for management of the classroom, seat allocations, remote monitoring, group discussions, etc.