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Elite typing is tutor software that teaches the basic fundamentals of touch typing in a simple, easy, amusing and effective way. This software consists of a complete graphical interface developed for users. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily operated by users. It is perfect learning software for the beginners as well as the advanced ones who want to improve their touch typing skill. It consists of step by step instruction program designed according to user’s personal pace and provides them a wide variety of assignments in various different sectors giving users the chance of creating their own drills. Users can also create reports using this software to show the typing errors, drills and the individual scores. Other than this, 3D graphical representations are also included to show the typing progress of the users. It can support multiple users. It offers lessons for comprehensive keyboard for computer users and typists as well as lessons for comprehensive keypad for the users of numeric pad. It can be installed on the operating systems like Windows 95, windows 98, Windows NT, windows ME, windows 2000 and windows XP. It requires a hard disk space of 5.84 MB. It teaches the basic fundamentals of using transcribed or standard practice for typing. It also includes options for creating lessons on the basis of the problematic characters of user. It helps users in improving their touch typing speed regarding the speed and accuracy of typing.