Dolce Ear Training

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Dolce Ear Training is the solution to every music student’s dilemmas. This software is the perfect training tool. Irrespective of the student’s age this software is designed for all music students who are just beginners. Dolce Ear Training is in fact tailor made to suit students present in first year studying music theory. The first year students, maybe from any academic level, from junior high to college and still find the Dolce Ear Training immensely helpful for them. This software takes up the music learner’s education or development of his/her skills where Dolce Music Flash Cards had left off. Thus the software is extremely essential for the music students.

Dolce Ear Training is fundamental to beginners as it helps them to identify rhythms, chords and intervals. As any musician knows these are the very basics of learning music and as such this software becomes imperative to any music student. Dolce Ear Training helps to identify chords, intervals and rhythms by playing certain audible phrases; it then allows the student to either build or to select a phrase to match the audible phrase that was played. This however does not mean that if the learner makes an error, he/she does not come to know of it. Dolce Ear Training has a function so that if the student answers a question incorrectly the program shows the correct answer and also allows the student to listen to the phrase again. This function enables the student a lot of practice and over time with this practice the students tend to develop a trained ear for music.

The program requires students to have a basic understanding of music and music notations. The apprentice is supposed to be aware of elementary things like the difference between eighth note and a whole note, he/she needs to know what time signatures are or for example the difference between an interval and a chord. Music learners who are aware of these basics are ready to use this software.