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Training your staff or giving demos to certain people about software or even providing customer support is not often an easy task. You may have to explain yourself over and over again unnecessarily, your conversational skills may not always be exactly great thus leaving what you are trying to explain unclear. DemoForge is just the software that you need. It is the best and most convenient way to get your point across. It allows you to create animated tutorials about the software that you are presenting. It’s not just the most visual but also the most descriptive and graphical way you can put your point across.

What DemoForge Studio does is that it basically records all the activity that you carry out on your PC. This recording or video that is thus created includes all small and big details; whether it is your mouse movement or where you click that is your mouse clicks. This all inclusive demo will act as a guide or tutorial to those who watch it. It makes your job much easier. The software is user friendly, simple and has a very clear set of instructions.

Using DemoForge, you can create videos to help and promote your software on the web; it can also be used as the means to give demos of your software to potential customers. The demo makes it easy for customers to understand, it can also be used for staff trainees as means of support or customer service or support. It saves the files that it creates in EXE format and has amazingly high quality audio visuals. More importantly the player that comes along with this software is not just lightweight; but also requires no installation and is compatible with almost all the windows systems.