CyberMatrix Class Scheduler

Download CyberMatrix Class Scheduler

This software is the perfect solution to keep your academic life organized. Now you do not have to run yourself ragged trying to remember which class you have next or which texts to carry to school or college the next day. CyberMatrix Class Scheduler will make your life as an academician a breeze. It is programmed to organize and keep track of your students, their classes and grades. It is easy to use and has pretty simple instructions and is the easiest thing to figure out. Whether you are an expert with technology or a beginner, you will find CyberMatrix Class Scheduler perfectly easy to use.

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler has lucid layout and even the interface of the program is relatively simple. The software is programmed to guide you through the steps of creating and storing a schedule. It has the format of an installation wizard, which controls its easy commands and perceptive buttons to make your experience a happy one. Even better is the help file that comes along with this software, which means even the most technologically challenged person can use it. The software is programmed to look somewhat like an Excel Spreadsheet and thus creates for you a cross section within which is displayed class timings and class schedule, also is displayed instances of if and when they collide.

The software has an easy tool where you can input you class timings, schedule, days of the week your classes are held and also room numbers of these classes. The schedule will fill itself out based on this information. Users can get the added benefit of managing schedules of several students just by entering their classes along with their names. The software also enables the user to run a variety of reports with the help of certain radio buttons. Reports can include specific classes to instructor reports and a variety of reports in between. This will make managing difficult schedules and classes an effortless task.