CCNA Multimedia eBook from Boson

Download CCNA Multimedia eBook from Boson

Boson Software has created and published CCNA Multimedia eBook from Boson that is intended to help learners and aspirants of CCNA certification to learn and understand all that they need to know about CISCO routers to enhance their knowledge and attain their certification with ease. This eBook claims to contain all the secrets behind configuring a CISCO router.

Integrated with multimedia elements to enhance the learning experience, it contains a detailed talk by Richard Deal who guides you through the entire process. Therefore, besides hearing the important tips, recommendations, and explanations; you also get to see the practical implementation of the configuration process. And, all done by an expert! What more could you ask for?! Besides this multimedia enriched learning experience, the eBook also claims to have a practice session, at the end of each chapter. This will help you evaluate your learning from each chapter and understand where you need to enhance your knowledge by repeating the lesson.

The publishers claim that this is the best teaching tool you can gain when it comes to this topic. And this belief has translated into a money back guarantee for this product. You can check out this eBook using its free trial version, which comes with only the first chapter. You can implement this tool in almost all Windows versions, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, 7, 8, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions.