Download BASIC-256

Basic-256 is tutorial software developed mainly for the students of middle or high school to provide them a comprehensive and simple atmosphere for learning the basic fundamentals of programming of computer language. It is the simplest version of the BASIC software.One of the best things about  using this software is that you do not require to be a computer expert to handle it.You just require to have the basic computing skills to use all the premium  features of the software effectively.

In this tutorial software window of text output, graphics editor and code editor can be seen in a same screen.  It is a simple and easy to learn tutorial software which can be installed on operating systems like windows XP, windows 2003, windows 7, windows 8 and windows vista.The software is just the perfect tool to be sued by the student fraternity.It allows them to learn the basic operational skill of computers with ease.

The built in mode for graphics included in this software allows the users to pictures or images on the computer screen in few minutes. It also consists of various programming concepts which are easy to be followed and are introduced through various fun assignments.The students will enjoy a lot while learning basic using this user interactive  software.

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