Download ATutor

ATutor is a very helpful app. Basically ATutor is nothing but an open source content management system, which is a web based learning program or LCMS. The app has been designed and created in an efficient manner and is adaptable too. The accessibility of the app is great and it is very easy to use and user friendly. The administrators or users can update or install ATutor in a matter of minutes.

You can also create and design custom templates according to your choice and give the app a better and stylish look. The app is also educational. Many educators and professionals involved in teaching or studying use this app. The user can easily package and assemble redistributable web content, import and recover prepackaged content and also conduct the course or program on the net. The adaptive learning environment created by the app makes the learning procedure for the students simpler and easier.

ATutor is the best app in its domain. The new version of ATutor has many improvements upon the old version. Many adjustments, enhanced security features, etc. has been incorporated in the latest version of the app. The multisite extension of the app is perhaps the best upgrade in the new version. This upgrade has made it possible to run many sub sites with the help of only one ATutor code.