Download Aptitude Trainer for PC Windows

Aptitude Trainer for PC Windows is an application that will be looking to improve the basic aptitude based skills and making you comfortable with the different types of basic level question that are generally used in aptitude tests. The application works like a book and takes you through chapters dealing with different topics to test and improve you in those particular segments. Being chapter wise, you can concentrate on one new thing at a time.

The eleven chapters include the like of permutation and combinations, probability, time and work, time and distance, simplifications and some others. There are over 35 tests that will bring out the ability and the weak points you have and how you can improve them. Combining all the chapters and tests, there are over 350 questions, which are expected to cover most of the topics that you should be aware of. Thus the application makes you ready for your next aptitude test in the best way.

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