Animated Spelling

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Learning has always been a tedious task for the students, especially children, while teaching too is an equally difficult job, which often tests our patience. To make this entire process of learning and teaching much easier, a number of software have come up, which are of great help and Animated Spelling is one of them! It is a fun game, which makes the process of learning spellings way easier and entertaining for children. The colorful presentation is what attracts children the most and makes learning spellings faster and easier.

The software presently supports two games- a fundamental one in which a child matches a word on the monitor with the word he hears, and a little advanced game where, on hearing a word, the player has to spell it. After the completion of ten correct spellings, a complete animated picture appears on the screen. This game contains a wide range of spellings hence enabling a variety of players to use it according to their convenience. As the level of the game increases, difficult words are introduced, thus increasing the vocabulary of the children gradually as they proceed with the game.

This game is the endeavor of Flix Productions, which launches similar educational software for the benefit of users and has been in use since 1990. The game supports more than 700 words and over 70 animations. Necessary help and instructions are provided for smooth playing and learning of spellings. Cue Cards are available within the game, which contains a series of spellings that can be learnt by the user. The software can be operated on Windows operating system and thus is easy to install. Learning difficult spellings is now an easy and fun task for children, thanks to the Animated Spelling!