Download AIVault

The AIVault is useful software that will help you to prepare for any exam or presentation. Other than this it is applicable to any other event and helps a person to remember a number of things. AIVault is basically a program that allows you to create flash cards. The flash card simplifies the process of learning and it has also been known to make remembering easier. Flash cards use a method of spaced repetition to aid in memorization. AIVault allows the user to create flash cards according to their personal requirements thus helping in learning and recalling information.

AIVault is programmed to allow the user a wide and varied range of options. You can either use Memos that have been pre prepared by you or in case you are so require, you can also prepare new memos according to the requirements. The content of the flash cards that you create may include a variety of material. You can include ordinary text or you can also include formatted text according to choice. Audio can be included, so can images and hyperlinks. The text that you incorporate and the files that you create could be accessed through its advanced search. After doing this it goes through the files which are kept organized by AIVault and shows you the requirement.

Not only does AIVault enable you to create flash cards, you can also automatically schedule all the information review; which means you can review the information exactly as many times as you need. The scheduled information could be reviewed as many times as you see it and it is fit for you to obtain an effective memory. There are several ways in which you can review the information. You can also program AIVault to ask questions and get answers. There are various other methods of sorting available other than this.