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The QWERTY keyboard is very common to all of us. Whenever we sit in front of a computer to type any document, we just run our fingers to the corresponding keys. But what if it is very urgent document where we have to type lightning fast? All we need to do is to memorize the keys of the keyboard. For that we need not hire an expert for typing. All we need is to use AINSWORTH KEWBOARD software. 25 years ago, Ainsworth thought about this type of typing instruction. Ainsworth keyboard software gives a series of test to develop better skills of typing for example practice test, speed test, communication, business letter and personal letter typing. It automatically checks the areas where the user finds difficult to work and keeps it in focus and eventually through more analysis, makes the user strong to deal with that specific area. It also keeps in mind correct grammar and punctuation. Apart from this, it also considers number of mistakes while practice, number of words typed per minute and the recovery time of the user to enter the next key. But when the user gives a test, a visible timer is not shown on the screen. The most unique feature of this is Conversation Piece. This helps the user to communicate and discuss with the computer. Here if the user asks any type of question or statement, the software considers the key phrases used and replies back. It can reply any question or a statement. So any issue if asked can be discussed with it as the application has many subjects to discuss. This is informative as well as communicative. This software works wonder when a single user is engaged. But it also works well when a group of individuals use it. In that case, several choices like various test, lessons and practice sessions are available at a go.