AceReader Lite

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AceReader Lite is a reading tool developed and published by StepWare. This is mainly used as a productivity improvement and self improvement educational software, mainly for reading purpose. The tool mainly targets at improving up on your reading skills and ability to read more words. The software targets your reading ability initially on the computer and extends this skill to non computer based scenario such as books.

This tool is designed to make you an proficient reader. It targets to improve your reading efficiency on and off the computer, thereby acting as an Self improvement, educational software. Also, it acts as a productivity tool by making your reading faster and easier on the computer. There is a comprehensive reading test divided in to multiple grade levels. This tool internally utilizes two technologies to grade and motivate your reading ability. The first one is the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, also called as the RSVP and also uses the Tachistoscopic scrolling presentation technique.

This reader tool is designed for all ages and can be used from children who can identify alphabets to elders who wish to read at a faster pace. This free to download tool is currently not supported by the publisher, but can be still downloaded for free. It is certainly a very satisfying experience to improve our reading skill with the use of this tool.