Download The Holy Bible

From the house of BD Software, The Holy Bible is a religious software tool that is intended to help users study the Bible. This software is intended as a personal guide and reference tool that can help you read and learn the Bible. It has been designed with a simple to understand, simple to use interface so that users of all computer expertise levels can manage and manipulate the tool with ease.

Some of the prominent features integrated in this tool include the Search function that helps you search for your favorite verses or chapters and the bookmark feature that helps you restart from where you left off during your previous session. The tool also offers the option to save your favorite verses. You can not only save your favorite verses but also organize and edit it so that you can use it as a quick reference whenever you need. The saved verses can be sorted as per their subject title.

When it comes to the Search function, you can implement searches for your favorite verses based on the book in which you are searching for a verse, the verse number, or even using any key phrases or words contained in the verse. The tool also offers the ability to change the font style and the font size in which the text are displayed so that you can change it as per your requirements to enable easier viewing and reading. You can download this tool for free and it can be implemented in all Windows platforms.

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