Download Quran Majeed with Search

A free to use software application, Quran Majeed with Search is a religion based software utility that is intended to help users read and learn the Quran – the Holy Book of Muslims. Designed and developed by Hawks, this tool comes integrated with various navigational functionalities and support for different languages such as English, Arabic, and Urdu. There are 30 Paras and 114 Suras that have been included in hierarchical format so that you can access any Aya or Sura.

This method of indexing also makes it easy to search the Aya or Sura you are looking for. The tool offers options to change the font, in terms of the language in which it is displayed. You can choose between the Urdu translation based on Molana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari’s version of Urdu verses of the Quran, and the English translation that has been implemented by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. There are 114 Suras in all and each Sura is incorporated with its Ayas in the hierarchical order. You can read through an entire Sura, just by clicking its name from the tree directory included in the interface.

The Para, with its total of 30, is also included with its respective Suras; again listed in its hierarchical order. Similar to the Suras, you can also select any Para of your choice and go through it by clicking the Para name as listed in the tree directory. The application comes integrated with three navigational modes, namely, the Sura mode, the Para mode, and the Fixed Aya mode. As is obvious from its name, each mode allows you to navigate through each Sura, Para, or Aya; and move on to the next one using the Next and Previous buttons. This tool is supported in all Windows based platforms, including Windows 2000, 2003, 7, NT, XP, and Vista versions.

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