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Quran Auto Reciter, as is evident from its name, is religion based software application that is intended to help users read and listen to the Holy Book of Quran. The recordings of the verses from the Holy book have been made in the voices of popular reciters to make it more interesting and add value to the application. The utility comes with the option to configure it to automatically read verses at specified timings or intervals. You can also configure it to automatically recite the Athan, at the specific timings of prayer that have to be offered five times a day by all followers of the Islamic religion. The Athan is also referred to as the Azan, Adhan, Salat, or Salah by people from different regions.

You can configure the prayer timings according to the local Namaz or Salat timings of your region, as specified by your local masjids. This will help to alert you during the prayer timings and you can also set the tool to recite the Athan in a voice of your choice. Besides the prayers and verses from the Quran, the application also includes lectures offered by different and well-known scholars as well as Athan recorded by different Moazans or reciters. Some of the other prominent features included in this application are recording of the verses in the Uthmani font as well as simple Arabic font, along with the complete Tashkeel.

Transliteration of the verses is also available; and you can avail the translations of the Quran verses in many languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Bosnian, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Farsi, Urdu, and Malayu. The verses have been beautifully designed and are displayed using Calligraphic fonts that are based on the Arabic Calligraphy style. This is a freeware tool that you can implement in most Windows based platforms.

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