Download Mobile Holy Quran for Windows

Mobile Holy Quran for Windows is, exactly what its name suggests, a software utility designed for Windows based mobile devices to help you read the Holy Quran even when on the move. This software ensures that you have a portable version of the Holy Book with you, at all times. Designed and developed by, this is a free to use software application that you can implement in Windows Mobile Pocket PCs as well as Windows Mobile Smartphone.

This tool guarantees that you can have one of the best translations of the Holy Quran, alongside the original verses in Arabic. The tool offers support for translations in English, Spanish, French, German, Indonesian, and Melayu. The translations have been implemented on a verse by verse basis and can be viewed along with their original Arabic version. Now, you can listen to the verses from the Holy Quran even when you are travelling, working, or are relaxing.

Some of the other prominent features integrated in this religious app are the ability to highlight the verses that are being read to enhance its readability; create bookmarks to help you continue at a later point of time; ability to zoom on specific text for enhanced readability; and ability to search for specific verses or to look for and find your favorite verses. PDA support is another important feature offered by this tool. The implementation of this utility in your mobile device requires a minimum space of 100 KB RAM in your phone’s memory.

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