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Learning Holy Quran is a religion based software application that is intended for, exactly what its name suggests, learning the Holy Quran – the Holy book of the Muslims. Designed and developed by RT soft, this software utility claims to be a beneficial software tool for all users who are interested in learning the Islamic beliefs and truths.

Whether you are a Muslim by birth, or by faith, or simply interested in learning more about different faiths, this software offers to help you learn the Quran. The software is available in two languages, namely, Turkish and English. The application claims to offer extensive and in-depth learning and to this intent, it has made every word in the software a click-able word. Clicking on each word offers its individual word meaning as well as its pronunciation. You can also learn the pronunciations of each of the letters that make up a word. You can also listen to each verse individually.

Therefore, the tool offers various options to read the verses, listen to the verses, and learn the verses. And you can do this in the original language of the Holy Book, Arabic, or choose to do it in English or Turkish. Available as a free to use software application, you can install and use this software in various Windows platforms such as Windows 98, 2000, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions. The publishers claim that this is an easy to install and simple to use software utility. If you are looking to learn the Holy Quran; then this software claims to be a good choice.

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