Download Free PC Bible

If you like the King James Bible, Free PC Bible will help you with your religious studies and readings. This application comes with a HTML file format containing all of the King James Bible texts. It's easy to install and to start using it, with just a few clicks you will be able to start reading this book right there in your computer. Have a handy digital version of the holy Bible right on your desktop and use it for studying, reading or searching.

The best thing is that the software is already present on your Windows. As it is an HTML help file format that is a part of the operating system, you just have to copy and paste the file to your desktop to start using it. No installation required! Open it and you can read both the Old Testament and the New Testament pages. All the chapters are available and you can easily search and navigate between chapters. It has a table of contents for you to look for the required chapters. It facilitates bookmarking any page for reading later. You can also search for specific phrases and words to find the pages containing them.

Some of the features of Free PC Bible are:

  • List of well-known stories
  • Structure of Bible
  • List of facts of the Bible
  • A reading plan designed to cover the whole Bible in a year
  • Maps to view when reading

Perfect for people who like to read on their machines and who like to copy and paste passages to share them with friends and family via email.

It has a well designed, user friendly and pretty understandable interface.

Download for free