Download Audio Bible Player

Audio Bible Player is, exactly what its name suggests, a software utility that installs the complete Bible (including the Old Testament and the New Testament) into your iPod. Therefore, now, you can read the Bible and meditate or peruse it at your own convenience and leisure. A product from the house of BibleScreens, this tool claims to have formatted every chapter and every verse in the Holy Bible so that you can listen to it using your iPod. The tool offers a simple interface that allows you to easily search for and find verses or chapters that you are looking for.

It also offers a scrolling menu that helps you to easily move between the various books within the Bible. The tool also comes with an MP3 audio CD that offers an audio track of the entire Bible. This audio CD is an optional component that you can avail with your software tool. Now, you can even carry your iPod to church and read through or listen to the Bible verses being referred to during your daily or weekly service! Therefore, whether you are travelling, praying, meditating, or just relaxing; this audio version of the Bible can be at your service, helping you get closer to God and God’s words.

This software tool can also be a great assistant for your daily prayers by offering you daily verses from the Bible to meditate and think about. You can configure the tool to implement its daily Bible reading plan that will help you accomplish reading the Bible in a year’s time. You can select verses, both, from the Old and New Testament. And you also have the option of reading through or listening to the Bible verses. With so many options to spoil you; there is no more excuse to stop you from reading a few verses of the Bible, everyday! This freeware tool can be implemented in Windows platforms such as Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP versions.

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