Alkitab Bible Study

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Alkitab Bible Study is a religion based software utility that is intended to help users study or learn the Holy Bible. This utility comes as an open source Bible reference tool with several features that makes studying the Bible simple, easy, and convenient. Designed and developed by Kiyut, this tool is based on the King James Version of the Holy Bible and also comprises several references which you can optionally utilize to further your knowledge with regards to the Bible. These include Robinson’s Morphology, Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionary, etc.

The reference books are small in size with the largest eBook being no more than 4 MB and the smallest around 100 KB; making these optional references a beneficial addition. A free to use software utility, the tool comes with several features such as ability to use multiple viewing options, a very efficient and powerful search function, daily devotionals, etc. The tool also offers plug-ins that can be used to integrated dictionaries, text, commentaries, concordances, references, lexicons, time-tested classics, etc. These guarantee to make your Bible study interesting, knowledge-enhancing, and revealing. Being an open-source tool, this application is constantly growing with extra additions and references; making it an ideal choice for those who want to study the Bible in depth.

The tool also offers various features to manage your library of eBook references such as the Book Viewer function, the Book Navigator, and the Bookshelf feature. The interface is simple, familiar, and user-friendly with tree-structure viewing, tabs, drag and drop features, and three-paned interface. This utility is supported in all Windows platforms and comes integrated with a useful and extensive Help feature that familiarizes you with almost all features incorporated in this utility. This tool is proposed as an ideal choice for Biblical scholars as well as for use in daily devotionals.