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Zip Express is a program that allows people to search in reference with city, area code, county, state or zip code. As one types in the search mode, potential matches get displayed. The preferences of the search items can be selected on which data is going to be displayed. One can copy data in the clipboard as well as print the same. Zip Express also allows one to paste information related to zip codes directly to the Windows application through hot keys. Hot keys are available in more than 80 in number. One can have almost unlimited formats for the data.

USPS (United States Postal Service) uses ZIP codes as a postal code system since 1963. ZIP as a terminology is the abbreviated form of Zone Improvement Plan. ZIP codes are written in a proper manner in capital letters. ZIP codes are used to suggest the high level of efficiency in delivering the mails all over. This ensures quicker delivery of mails whenever a sender uses the specific ZIP code of a particular area. A ZIP code basically consists of 5 decimal digits in numerical form. There is also an extended code (ZIP+4) which was introduced back in 1980s. ZIP+4 includes the original 5 numerical digits. In addition to the same, there is a hyphen as well as 4 digits more which determine better location tracking in a specific ZIP code. ZIP code got registered in the beginning as a type of servicemark which is a kind of trademark. This was originated by US Postal Service. However the registration of the same expired since then.

ZIP codes mark delivery points only inside the United States of America. It covers the US dependencies as well. There is no ZIP code which is reserved for foreign endpoints. This, however, has the exception of US military bases located outside the country.