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The world is obsessed with a few word games for ages. When it comes to word games, Scrabble is arguably the most celebrated ones among all of them. This word game is played with two, three or four players. The points are scored trough forming words. This is done from given lettered titles which come along with a game board. This game board is marked with a fifteen by fifteen grid. The individual words are formed down and across just like crossword. The words must be from the list of words that come in any standard dictionary. There comes a list which records permissible words for this word game. This list is obtained through specific reference works. The reference works come from the dictionary of Official Scrabble Players, Tournament Word List and Official Scrabble Clubs.

Scrabble+ WordsWithFriends dictionary is based upon the wordlist from SOWPODS & ENABLE. Scrabble+ WordsWithFriends dictionary is extremely useful for professional Scrabble players as well as recreational ones. This dictionary is going to improve the skill of forming words in the game of Scrabble as it gives expansive word training, consequently improving word knowledge considerably. There are a number of things a user can do with Scrabble+ WordsWithFriends dictionary. One can check the meaning of various words, verify words, and search for every possible word on the basis of selected letters. One can also find word ‘ending’ with, ‘beginning with’ and ‘containing’ given letters. It is also possible to search for every possible word with missing letters, see words comtaining Scrabble values, sort words by Scrabble value, filter by Scrabble word value or size and print word lists.

Hasbro bears the trademark of the name of Scrabble. The trademark is valid for Canada and the US. Mattel bears the trademark of the same everywhere else in the world. Scrabble is traded in 29 different languages around 121 nations.