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Astrology is consisting of several belief systems that hold the idea of a relation between human world events and astronomical phenomena. In the western culture, astrology is often believed to be a system that deals with horoscopes. The horoscopes claim the explanation of certain aspects of people’s personality. It also predicts the future, near and distant, on the basis of planetary positions of moon, sun and other planets. Even though moon is not a planet, rather a satellite in astronomy, it is considered as a planet in astrology. Astrology has been a part of many ancient cultures in the history of mankind. The Mayans, the Chinese and the Indians developed systems in an extremely elaborate manner to predict terrestrial events by observing celestial happenings. Indo European people practised astrology way back in the 3rd millennium BCE. The basis of these calendrical systems was used for predicting seasonal shifts and interpreting celestial signs through divine communication.

MB Fixed Stars Astrology Software is wonderfully designed so that may explain the effect of fixed stars in reference to the personal and professional life of a person. It is possible to know not only the positions of the fixed stars in the natal chart of a person but also the attributes that the fixed stars carry in relation with the personality traits of a person and the characteristic features as well. If one wants to know about the tendencies, ways of thinking, personality traits and even circumstances around, which are influenced by the fixed stars; one just has to do the download for MB Fixed Stars Astrology Software. This will give an astrological analysis based on free stars for free. These fixed stars carry distinguished features which are far different from those of the stars or the planets. The principle of the astrology that deals with fixed stars can say about how these influence one’s life and character.