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Lusso Luxury Magazine is a quarterly magazine based in the United Kingdom, which deals with every aspect of the market of luxury lifestyle. SWR Media is responsible for publishing Lusso Luxury Magazine. SWR Media is an indie company which has its base in London, United Kingdom. Lusso Luxury Magazine was first published at the end of the year 2004. Lusso Luxury Magazine has been a highly acclaimed luxury lifestyle magazine in the recent history. It gets its digital edition which is going to allow its reader to have access to the magazine digitally.

Lusso Luxury Magazine is a Windows 8 application which can be enjoyed for free. This will give access to the most recent editions so that its readers can enjoy the same with ease and with greater convenience. This application is developed on Windows 8 platform on the basis of Stonewash Magazine Framework. Lusso Luxury Magazine has distinct features like downloading and offline browsing. This option enables its users to read the magazine without depending on internet connection. Users can read this while travelling on the way to their work, home and so on. Offline browsing enables users to get access to the magazine in trains, buses, cars or any such transport medium without worrying about the availability of net connection. One can also view every page of Lusso Luxury Magazine in a high resolution format. Additionally, one can opt for reading articles which are available in text only reading option. Readers can get access to image galleries which come as a bonus option.

Many a renowned names have contributed to Lusso Luxury Magazine. The names include renowned personalities such as Phil Spencer who is a well-known media personality of English background. He is a businessman and journalist as well. Doug Richard, another England based entrepreneur, has also contributed to Lusso Luxury Magazine. He is a specialist in business incubation, commercialisation and technology transfer. Another renowned personality who has written for Lusso Luxury Magazine is Andy Green who a pilot of British Air Force and record holder of World Land Speed.<