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The world needs research and development in every field of study so that it helps mankind advance in its quest for higher learning and consequent progress. In the process of learning and research, books probably play the most important part as they are the source of previous research and development. In order to keep a track of those important books, one needs to keep an organized bibliography which allows readers to go for further knowledge and learning. HandyCite is an all-inclusive bibliography manager for scientific writing. It also works as the citation manager for Microsoft Word for the same purpose. HandyCite is handy when it comes to medical research and writings related to the same.

What makes HandyCite unique is it is free to use. Being free to use does not limit HandyCite to compromise its standard. HandyCite can be compared with any other citation manager which is used professionally by users. HandyCite may even be considered as a better option than all those expensive citation managers which are used professionally simply because of its easier interface and convenient format. Handycite is compatible with Microsoft Word where a task pane is used to accommodate all the options of HandyCite. HandyCite is capable of searching and downloading necessary content from pubmed. It can even insert citations virtually in any given format of journals. It is also capable of searching full text files for free and subsequently downloading them spontaneously. It gives access to citations with a single click to full text links. HandyCite merges citations which are duplicate in nature, exports or imports citations to a format compatible with Endnote and direct search from the task pane of Microsoft Word.  It manages citations which come under collapsible headings. It also generates pdf links for every citation. This is done with a one click option and along with finding complete text in the background.<