Download VeCAD DLL/OCX

If you planning to work on a project using customised drawings VeCAD DLL/OCX is the best program that you can use. It is a graphics library of 3D vector images. There are two discreet formats included in this program –Windows32 bit DLL (as a run-time) and OCX (Active X control). The components of the program can be used in popularly used visual DIE languages, for example Visual C++, Visual Basic, C++ Builder and Delhpi.

There is a strong CAD editor and it is the VeCAD engine on which its function entirely depends. The other formats that are supported by this program are Text Styles, Pages, Line types, Layers, Blocks, AutoCAD DWG/DXF, and Read or Save drawing to, multi-line styles, etc. For graphic objects the program helps the user to handle ellipses, arcs, polylines, rectangles, circles, texts, raster images, block insertions, hatches, etc.

External database referencing is enabled by a unique identifier for each object drawn. There is the zoom facility which enables the user to take a closer of any part of the drawing. The edit operations enable the user to move, rotate, copy, move, scale, mirror, explode and join the drawings. These functions bring a unique effect to the drawing made. The operating systems in which this program works are Windows NT, 98, XP and 2000, Vista and even in Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8. The price of the software is near about $499.00.