Ultra AutoCAD

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There are many designs created in AutoCAD drawing files. The Ultra AutoCAD Tool is a program that makes working easy with AutoCAD drawing files. This is a utility program that is ultra-fast. This feature helps the user to produce excellent work in minimum time.

Extraction of data from the drawing files is possible with this program. Data can be extracted from files that are in HTML, CSV and XML format. Files in DXF format can be created from files that are in DWG format. The user is enabled to find some text and replace it with another text. The user can also search for block attribute values and replace them with another block attribute values. Texts that are not required can be searched and deleted. Same operation is applicable on block objects. The layers in this program have a specific setting. The layers can be set as frozen, thawed, or off.

The drawings created in older version are successfully saved with the help of Ultra AutoCAD Tool. Image paths that are not impressive or useful can be found and replaced. The user is enabled to perform functions on many AutoCAD drawing files simultaneously. To perform operations in the future the storing of script files are made possible by the program. The operating systems in which this program can function are Windows NT, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7. The price is nearly $250.00.