SmartUnfold For Inventor

Download SmartUnfold For Inventor

Smartunfold is Inventor Addin software used as plug-in. This Addin is widely used to display surface inside maker. It can hold double curving surfaces like shoe surfaces, hull plates etc. It can handle surfaces like cylinders or cone, ruled surfaces. It can unfold the points or the curves with the surface at the time when a user is using the tool. When unfolding all the surfaces, the unfolded curves will be adjusted as if the user has unfolded a single surface.

 When the user is unfolding the surface, in the very time he can get to know where the points or curves lie inside his unfolded contour surface. It is very user friendly software. Due to its multi-faced surface it can have various numbers of entrances on it and then he can expand the multi-faced surface together. This software is compatible with all the Windows versions like Windows XP, 98, Vista, 2000, ME, NT, Windows 7 and even with latest Windows 8.

 Unfolding of the surface is based over the type of the surface such as whether the given surface is a ruled one or with double curves. As the software does all its work automatically such as calculation, it requires less amount of time. It is the only software that has the ability to unwrap selected multi- faced surfaces into a single contour.